Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Revival Festival 2011~For the Children’s Futures~

Today, we performed at the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Revival Festival 2011 ~For the Children’s Futures~ charity drive

For the the sake of the children’s futures
I hope that today, the Yoyogi National Stadium Gym #2 served as a place where smiles and spirit could be dispatched from

These smiles should have connected

Really, really
Thank you very much!!

So then
Tomorrow, I’ll be taking part in the Yuruyuri live!

Gonna do my best to make tomorrow a fun stage!

Personal note: So it’s not the end but…are all the posts gonna be as vanilla as this in the future?

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To All of You


It’s been a while

You can see this on the agency’s website too but
First of all, let me say sorry to all of you
For causing all sorts of worries

And at the same time
Thank you so much
For the warm concern and kind words

Honestly, I still feel very scared at the moment

Anyhow, I am feeling fine
I’m still continuing to give my best to my daily work as always
So rest assured

For today’s blog post
I hope to tell all of you things
In my own words
So please read this in your own time

The first thing I want to say
Concerns (the) shows and characters

I love the shows and characters I am involved with personally

Not just the show itself
But all of the people who created the show together
The existence of everyone who supports and loves the show
To me, they are something that I am so proud of, that I take great pride in

To all the shows I am fortunate enough to have met, the characters, the songs
The places that have afforded me the chance to grow as an actor
I am always full of gratitude to them

From the time I decided that I would start working at this job
It is a feeling that has never changed, never been shaken

Up until now, and from now on
I have not and will not
Let my private life and thoughts affect me in my work

While I’ve been working on various things
Even if something sad happens privately
The series, the characters, the series’s world
I think that they have no direct relation to what happens in my private life

Especially for recordings
Every day, gettting to voice act as characters that are unlike myself
I can’t help but feel fortunate and full of enjoyment

The things that I learn at work are so many that they’re enough to form a mountain
Worrying, being unable to form thoughts
(Thinking) ‘I wanna do it this way’, ‘I wanna be like that’ etc etc

Making mistakes and learning from them
While drawing out the charm of the characters to the best of my ability, aiming for a great performance
These are the two things that face off against each other

For the characters I voice
The very moment that I feel just how so many people love them
It makes my heart tremble

The characters that I am able to meet because of all of you, the voices of these irreplaceable characters that I have been entrusted with – from now on I will continue to to do my best in acting them, with love and responsibility

As an actor
I am still inexperienced and unreliable but
I will do my best whilst devoting myself (to my work) everyday

Moving forward
I hope that we can continue
To love these shows and characters together

I truly wish for that

About Tom-H@ck

I greatly respect his feelings for, and the way he treats his works
He is also someone who brings me relief and is someone whom I can talk to about my worries in my private life

These clumsy words
I am a little unsure if I can truly get across what I intend to say

The bonds between us that have been carefully built up
The unchanging feelings that (you) have towards the (anime) shows
To me, they shine like precious treasures

Telling my story in my own words
To all of you who support me on a daily basis
And all of you who have been worried about me
In good faith, I compose these words

Thank you very much
For reading up until this point

From now on too, I will show you my gratitude through my voice
Politely, carefully I will repay this

This seiyuu job I love so much
As long as the characters exist, I will continue to give more and more to become an actor who can give performances that make (the characters feel) real

From now on
Please support me

I’ve said this so many times but
To all of you who’ve been worried about me
Thank you so so much

What I am grateful for
Is that the anime from this spring season
Are giving me lots of opportunities to meet all of you in person at events

And there
I will do my best too, to bring you acting and performances that will touch your heart

From the bottom of my heart, I look forward to
Seeing many more smiles!

Personal note: 相変わらずわけのわからない日記ですね。さぁ、このブログもお終いのようです。これまで読んで頂き、ありがとうございました。

Thank you for reading.

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An Eventful Day


Yesterday was a day filled with various events
It really was a fun, fun day!

For those who took part in the events
And for those who couldn’t make it too
“I must tell you about how I felt yesterday!” was what I thought

When I got home
By the time I finished reading all of the letters you wrote to me
I started dozing off as I was writing this post…

So with that
Sorry for the late report

I’ve rewritten parts of the post
So if you have the time, please do carry on reading (´ω`)

It’ll be a bit longer this time~(。・ω・。)

Let’s start from the preview screening!

I showed up to say a few words at the mid-morning UN-GO screening

During the talk show part
Together with director Mizushima Seiji, Aikawa Sho & Yamamoto Nozomi, we discussed various topics

Starting from the worldview of the series
To the characters as well as episodes from the recording studio
I think we managed to convey how much fun we have making this series!

At the same time, we had announcer 39 Tatsuo’s interesting MCs
Making it a talk show full of laughs from start to finish

To everyone who came for the event
Thanks so much!

Having watched the first episode, did you feel excited and have fun at the same time?

As the series goes on it gets a lot more interesting
And deeper

Please do
Watch the show when it goes on air!!

Thanks for your support

Next up was a change of location
Mid-day, off to Akihabara for the preview screening & talk for LAST EXILE~Ginyoku no Fam~

Here too
There was a talk show held after the first episode screening
Where (we) talked about the world of LAST EXILE & the first episode in more detail!

I also watched the first episode on the large screen
Just like the rest of you~!

I think it felt
Like I was soaring in the skies alongside Fam & the other characters

During the second talk show
We talked about the original series

The first episode was a fun watch not only for those who’ve watched the first series
It’s fun too, for those picking the show up now

This Friday
There will be a special episode airing ahead of the actual broadcast

So those who weren’t at the screening today
Please do watch the special episode
So you can see the passion of the makers
And some behind-the-scenes tidbits from the Fam recordings

Please do
Show your support!

And now
We come to the signing event…

As I read all your letters at home
I recalled your faces
Matching them to the names, faces & radio names I keep in my heart

Ah, the one who’s studying for his exams~
Or the one who was so happy to see me that he started crying
Or the one who came from afar to see me
Or the one who was happy to get an employed position
Or the one who asked for a Happy Birthday! alongside my signature

There’s just too many to mention on this blog
I was filled with so much warmth
Getting to speak, communicate and share thoughts with each and every one of you

Thank you so much

When I read your letters
I see how many of you felt nervous about whether you could speak to me properly

But it’s alright
It’s alright

Your feelings, they reached me
Much more than you thought they would

Carefully handwritten words
Even the writing paper – you must have spent a lot of time choosing which to use

I am so so happy
For those words and your time…

So please rest assured
Your feelings
Did safely reach me

From such a (close) distance
There were so many things
That were understood, communicated

I received a lot of love from you

Each and everyone of you
Said ‘thank you’ to me
But in truth, that should be my line!

So always, always
Thank you!

I hope that
These overwhelming feelings of gratitude I have
Will reach you too…

To those of you who I wasn’t able to see this time

If you ever feel down-hearted
If your heart aches

I was informed that for the signing event this time
Lots of people applied

And I would have loved
To have been able to directly thank each and every person
Who bought a copy of Akiyasumi but…

I will just have to use this blog as a way
To express my gratitude to all of you who bought Akiyasumi

Thank you so much!

The books and CDs
May be lined up plentifully at the stores but

Once you have it in your hands
It becomes a one-in-the-world item that belongs solely to you

And of course
That’s true for Akiyasumi too.

From now on
When you’re feeling down
When you’re feeling bored
When you want to relax
I hope that (Akiyasumi) will be close to you

So with that

Yesterday was a day where my heart was moved so many times
A truly happy day for me

It’s thanks to all your support that
I have the opportunity to be involved with so many wonderful series
And am able to do what I love for a living

Truly truly
Always, thank you

Today’s blog post
Ended up a little too long
But thanks for reading up ’til this point

This autumn
I’ll be doing my very best
Sending you my voice in various places

So then
With lots of gratitude…


Today’s photo shows
What I wore during the signing event
A style that’s a nod to Tezuka-sensei. lol

From now on, I too
Will call girls who look good wearing berets
Tezu-kawa, similar to the Oji-kawa* fashion

Honya honya~

*Oji-kawa (オジカワ) – Ojisan-kawaii (old-man fashion) popular amongst gyaru

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Tomorrow is

Good evening!

Is an event-filled day

First of all
I’ll be attending the preview screening
For UN-GO, which will start airing in October

In the show
I voice a mysterious bishonen named Inga…

To me, it’s a role that provided many challenges
Actually, as I received the script every week
I worried a bit, got lost a bit
So this is a character that I put a lot of heart into acting

With the enjoyment that comes from being an actor
There are also plenty of things for me to learn in the recording studio of every show I’m involved in

It’s a first episode that contains a lot of thought
Born out of (the efforts of) the rest of the show’s cast and staff…

To be trusted with the job of voicing a character as full of charm as Inga
I carry the hopes of my beloved staff members on my shoulders

Through this series
I hope to convey the things that are important to people

To those of you who are coming to the event
Please look forward to entering the peculiar world of UN-GO
One step ahead (of everyone else)!!!

After that comes another new autumn show

LAST EXILE~Ginyoku no Fam~!!!

Fam too, is having a preview screening~!


I will be voicing the main character
The mischevious Fam Fan Fan

When I talk about this series
What I first want to get across is…

The love and passion that everyone
From the director
To all the other cast & staff involved pours into the show!

The producers that put so much thought
Into the first series LAST EXILE

Dreams and romance
How people’s hearts connect
I hope these emotions are properly conveyed during recordings

When I voice the kind-hearted Fam
I gain courage and ‘wings’ from (her)

The world-view (of the show)
Features cool battleships and light aircraft vespers; plenty of warships
Cross each other in the cast skies
Overflowing with incredibly exciting scenes

I think it’s certain
That you’ll be able to feel like you’re flying in the skies alongside Fam & the others

Tomorrow’s screening will be in the cinemas
So I’m sure you’ll feel that even more so (´ω`)

For those of you who are coming
I am sure that it’ll be an episode that fills you with pleasure

So please please come along and have fun!


Finally, finally

Is the commemoration event for my first photobook
My first signing event!!


I’m reeeallly looking forward
To meeting all of you

The gratitude that I feel everyday
I hope to convey my feelings politely to each and every one of you
I’ll do my best to make it a warm signing event!

By the way

Those who’ve seen my signature before will be able to imagine this but

My signature
Takes a long time to write! lol

I’m sorry for being slow.

But it’s ‘cos of that
That I might get a little bit more time to speak to you
So isn’t it fine that way. (´ω`)lol

I really really am looking forward
To my first signing event

Let’s meet at various places


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It’s stew tonight.

Good evening
Today’s photo shows the costume we wore for the final part of our live~

Naturally, it had to be sphere colours!
It was that kind of wonderful costume~

To only be able to wear it for 2 days
What a waste~!

Since we managed to get a shot of all 4 of us in it
I decided to upload it on this blog


So then

It’s gotten a lot cooler, surprisingly…

With the changing of the seasons
It’s a lot easier to fall sick

So everyone, please take care of your bodies
And keep in good health~

It seems it’ll be raining in most parts of the country tomorrow so
Let’s do our best


Tonight, I’m gonna make myself some warm stew
Looking forward to it (*´ω`*)

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Climax Stage

The 2nd day of Athletic Harmonies
Climax Stage!

Is now safely over!!!

Continuing on from the previous day
I had a greeeat, fun time today too!

For today’s Climax Stage
We mainly performed songs from our 2nd album~

For the drama part
The story diverted a bit from what we did yesterday

There was a change in costumes as well

We were able
To create a wonderful stage just for this one day!

As a new challenge for Sphere
Being able to successfully complete this 2-day event

Is down to
All of your warm voices of support
And your many smiles

Truly, truly
Thank you
Thank you

Each time
We strongly feel that wewant to push for that little extra something
To repay the support that so many people have shown us

To all of our dear (fans)
We hope that you will feel
Lots and lots of love and gratitude from Sphere…

There were plenty of new announcements as well

So from now on, we will do our best
To continue to conscientiously deliver
Our feelings of gratitude through our voices

Thank you so much
For these 2 days, which were like a dream

Sometime, definitely
Let us meet again

When that time comes we hope to be a Sphere that has improved even more
Both as individual actresses and as a unit
For that, we will (continue to be) diligent

So please support us from now on too

To all the people who were involved with the lives
Over these 2 days…

Thank you very much


For tonight, just get
Plenty of rest…☆

See you

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Dangerous Stage!

The first day of Athletic Harmonies
Is safely over~!!!

To all who paid a visit
And helped make our birthday girl Minako happy

It was a Dangerous Stage
Filled with traps~

The Yoyogi National First Gymnasium is
A place where we can see all of your smiles no matter where you are!

Seeing so many smiles and feeling all the love
I had a truly fun time

To you who came today
I am filled with much gratitude

Thank you very much!

Today’s stage was
A stage that’s unique to this very day

To the audience
As well as the staff members
This was a live that couldn’t have been possible without you

Really, really
Thank you very much!

And again tomorrow and for tomorrow only
We have prepared a Climax Stage so
To those coming
Let’s have as much fun as possible!

This post was written in haste
So I just wanted to say a few words of thanks


Having said that

There’s more to come
From Athletic Harmonies!

The continuation
Is S-phe-re!!!

Gonna do my best tomorrow.

And to Mina-chan
Happy birthday!

Mina-chan’s elation and smiles
Made me really happy too…

Surrounded by all your happy feelings
We were able to give (Mina-chan) a lovely birhday present!

Happy birthday

I pray that the 20-year old Mina-chan
Will be showered with uncountable blessings…

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