Good evening(´υ`)

It’s March already, isn’t it~…

Today is Momo no Sekku!

With that
I am posting a picture of the Hina doll I have at home…

My mother says
That apparently,
This year’s is the ‘Uiharu version’…lol

As it turns into spring
It’ll get warmer
while thinking that I want to see the sakura as early as possible
I ended up eating lots of sakura-mochi today( ´υ`)

So light, so calming

I want to experience the coming spring
With soft, gentle feelings…

I hope that this springtime
Is a wonderful one for you too

..Today’s humming song..
I’ll never fall in love again~♪*

Title – Ohinasama are dolls sold for the Momo-no-Sekku/Hinamatsuri festival
*song is I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, though it could be either the Bacharach one or Tom Jones’s song

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