Singing Award!

At the Seiyuu Awards ceremony
That was held recently…

Apart from the Female Newcomer award
I also received the Singing award
Together with the rest of Houkago Tea Time!!!

Houkago Tea Time
Is the band that Yui and the other girls put together
In the anime K-ON!

First of all
To the members (or the characters) of Tea Time
Yui-chan, Mio-chan, Ricchan, Mugi-chan & Azu-nyan

I want to say( ´υ`)

Since I am singing as my character
Rather than myself
The congratulations should go to the characters

For sure
If Yui-chan was the one at the ceremony
She’d be running around with the trophy in her hands…
I sort of visualized that

So in Yui’s stead
I received the trophy

To the many people connected to the K-ON! anime
To the many staff involved in the music side
To the music team

This award is for you


Because you gave shape to the music of K-ON!
So that so many people could listen to it

To all of you who have enjoyed the music
Together with Yui-chan

Thank you!

Season 2 will be starting♪

This spring
Will see a K-ON!! full of new songs

With the purpose of
Making our listeners think of Yui and her friends’ smiles
Whenever they listened to the songs
I put my all and had lots of fun recording them!

Please do
Enjoy the songs♪

We’re in your hands

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