Spinning Around

Spring anime…
Everyday, there’s so many shows screaming for my attention

Having to wake up early
Or stay up a bit late
Watching them in real-time
It’s fun


Amongst them
Shows that I’m actually involved in
Make me feel a mixture of ‘excitement’ and ‘nervousness’

The times when I’m camped in front of the TV
It feels a bit like
I’m floating in the air…

Last night too
I had that nervous feeling
Waiting for K-ON!! to go on air but

Right as the show started
Mails started coming in
My phone started ringing

Who could it be…?
And when I looked at it…

Sugar, Yocchan. Ayachi…lololol

They were ‘awawawawa’ type of mails
From people in the same show. lol

Somehow everyone
Shared the same feelings


I am but a child

Any show that I am in
Together with the wonderful group of friends I meet there
We all do our best in making the show

To all the viewers
We hope that we can leave your heart feeling warm
That we can bring to you feelings of happiness
So that you will come to love the characters that I voice

We put our heart into this

The ‘feelings’ that all of us put into just one show
Are so deep, so abundant, so different…

Trying to put them into words
To convey our emotions
It seems like they’d keep spinning around and turn into something else
Sometimes, it can get frustrating

But when I watch an anime
With simplicity

A character that I love
I want all of you to love her too


Something born out of much effort
I want to let all of you see and hear it

Sharing the same feelings
It’s something that is
So so wonderful…

This spring too
It’d be wonderful if
I could hear lots of people say to me
‘I feel the same way too(´υ`)’

♪Today’s humming song is

Suki na koto shiteru dake da yo Girls Go Maniac!

I’m so sorry for not updating
My blog
For such a long while.

What I think, and what I feel
My heart is swayed and shaken by so many things each day
That the words and letters cannot keep up

Instability…When I put it that way it sounds negative
But actually
Being deeply moved, being happy, having fun
It’s instability with positive connotations
I could not find the right words to express myself
So I ended up not posting anything

…And now that I have, it’s so long. lol

Thank you
For reading

For you who is reading this blog now
May it someday, become ‘something’ (special)
From now on, I will confront (the power of) ‘words’…

Well then
I hope tomorrow
Is another wonderful day for you…

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