Tour Starts Tomorrow!

At last at last at last~!


Marks the beginning of
Sphere rings live tour 2010

To be able to meet all of you
I’m so so looking forward to it
That I can’t stop this heart of mine beating so fast!!

To all of you coming to the show
Let’s run will all our might
And make it a happy start!!!

Kokusai Forum is all ready! We’re waiting!

And and~

It seems this time
There’ll be tickets on sale for the day itself

So do check it out

And what’s more!!!

Amongst the Sphere goods on sale
Is the mufassa!!! lol

Apart from that
There’s lots of other wonderful goods
If possible, let’s all match up
And have an ufufu-fun time together~( ´υ`)

My recommendations are
The Sphere pamphlet and
The mufassa~☆☆☆

Mufuu( ´ω`)

For everyone coming
May tomorrow
Be an unforgettable happy day for you!

I’ll do my best!

Today’s photo…

It was introduced on Okaeri Radio before
From a mail sent in by a fan
‘Aki-chan, have you seen any tulips lately~?’

Yes I saw them recently!

In the rain
Trying its best to grow
It was so cute so I took a photo…

Do do do your best

It seems tomorrow
Will see a return to fine weather…


♪Today’s humming song is
Tooku no sora ni nagareru yume no kaze♪**

*mufassa is the name Aki gave to a scrunchie
**lyrics from Future Stream

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