First Day of the Tour!

Good morning

Last night
Was the first date of the Sphere rings tour live 2010

Filled with much gratitude
I wanted to pen a few words on the blog but…

…I fell fast asleep…lol

And with that
Once again I want to relay my thanks

To the people who came to the show
Thank you very much!!!

The first date of Sphere’s first ever live tour

There could not have been
A start more perfect than that of last night!

It’s all thanks to you( ´υ`)

There were some points worth reflecting on
And I’m making it my aim to improve on them for
The next time I’m back in Tokyo

Thinking ‘more & more’
Desires and aspirations and yearnings
It’s the biggest hint towards self-improvement

Have ‘more & more’ to demand of myself

When I get a chance to play at NHK Hall again this summer
I’d be happy
If you could come to see how much I’ve grown

Thank you
For all the love and support…


From now on
I’ll be doing my best!!!

♪Today’s humming song is
Love Tokyo Disco Night ne~♪*

*Tokyo Disco Night by Koizumi Kyoko

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