This is a photo
That was taken 3 minutes before
The start of the (Tokyo) Kokusai Forum (Hall A) live

Future Stream Aki~

Somehow it’s really nostalgic…

Sphere’s outfits are
Made my our stylist onee-san
It’s a labour of love

You can really feel
The warmth and comfort of the clothes

Such gentle combat uniforms( ´υ`)

It’s been a while
Since we’ve worn the Future (Stream) outfits
It’s got a fluffy, just-washed smell about it
It feels so good
‘To make something for the live together’

One by one
From many different things
I always feel that

Thank you( ´υ`)
♪Today’s humming song is
Would you know my name~♪*

*Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven

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