I’m Home, Tokushima

Tomorrow will be
The live date

In my hometown in Tokushima

First of all
Thanks so much
To all the people at my agency
Who arranged Tokushima
As one of the legs of the tour(´υ`)
Both Kyoko* and Papa are really really happy…

Being able to perform live in my hometown
Is both a happy and mysterious thing…

Ufufu( ´υ`)

A concert
Is something that happens at a certain point in time
Never to be repeated
Hence each one of them is so, so precious

All the more with this tour
Each date, each place we go to
That we share with all of you
Is special by itself…

Is Tokushima’s one and only turn
So I want to have as much fun as possible
I’ll do my best!

To those who are coming~
Let’s have a great time together~

♪Today’s humming song is


*Kyoko is Aki’s mother

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