I’m home!

Thank you
Thank you

Tour in Tokushima!

It was such a warm live

It was such a gentle live

It was a live overflowing with smiles

…in short

It was the super most wonderful liveeeee(´∀`)

For me
To be able to perform in my home prefecture of Tokushima
I am truly blessed

All of you who gathered (for the live)
You are all really gentle
And I am really really happy

There were people who came for the first time too
And people who I’ve already seen in Tokyo so many times
When I see all your sparkling smiles
It fills me with a great sense of comfort…

I want to do that
I want to be like this

All these thoughts
That I spent my time in my hometown thinking…
When I stood on the stage, in the place where I grew up
I could feel myself getting closer
To the me I wanted to be back then

The future, and my dreams
Thanks to all of you
It is now a reality…

Thank you
Thank you

From now on I
Will try my hardest so I can continue to grow

I still have lots and lots of dreams
And even though there’ll be lots of times when things don’t go so well

I will continue to walk, one step at a time without giving up
With all my strength, I will go on
So that I can achieve all I want to…

I am still just a little chick
Though that sounds a bit weird…(;´ω`)

But truly
I do feel I am so much closer to my dream now
Than when I was when I still lived in Tokushima


The place where I grew up and my family
All the people I’ve known
All the fans who came today

Everyone who made me who I am today

Thank you


I’ll continue doing my best for this tour
So that someday, for all of you who support me
I can become a person you can be proud of

Really, thank you so much
For today

And to all those who travelled out here today
Please take care on your way home…

Thank you so much
For coming out all the way here

I’ll talk about today a bit more
On Okaeri Radio☆
See you soon

Today’s humming song is
Aitakute aitakute itsu datte ageru yo*

*Line from Boku o Sagashite

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