If I Grew Wings Where Would I Fly To?

A certain designer once said:
“My portrait
Is like that of an angel…

With white wings
And a gentle smile

Such a
Wonderful wonderful portrait…

It’s so wonderful
That along with the feelings of utter joy

When I see the real me standing in front of a mirror
With my hair flowing
I think I am the furthest thing from an angel as you could possibly get”


was my reaction. lol

I want to be
An even more incredible person!

I’ll try my best at everything
So I can be like
The person in the picture


Although it’s a little bit blurry

I became cheered up

From tomorrow onwards
I’ll do my best( ´υ`)

Now that I mention tomorrow

On Okaeri Radio
I’ll be airing Boku o Sagashite for the first time☆

If you have the time
Do tune in~

♪Today’s humming song is
Kimi no namida o taberu tame ni…*

PS …no, I don’t understand this entry at all either.
*A line from Nani ka ga Sora o Tonde Kuru

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