A Yellow Basket

I tend to get all moe
Over the form of a dandelion’s fluff

I feel myself flying away
Together with the fluff


The ‘stance’ of the dandelion’s fluff
Seems to be dictated by the (direction of the) wind
And that fascinates me

Aren’t dandelions rather ‘rock’n’roll’ that way? lol

Even if they look weak blowing softly in the wind
Dandelions are actually flowers with a strong existence…

Even the dandelion you see in the photo above
Though it was growing on rocky ground
Right by the roadside
It’s still doing its best to sway in the wind!

Do your best!
Do your best!

♪Today’s humming song is

‘Mawaru maawaru! Boku to Kimi to Ashita o Tsurete…’*

*A line from the song Quattro by the band Zutans (see video here)

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