The Fukuoka live
Is safely over
And I’m back in Tokyo~!!!

It was
Totally totally totally funnn

The crowd in Fukuoka
Was so passionate and full of energy
And so so kinddd


While I was singing
I could see all your faces
And it made my heart skip a beat
To see so many of you

For me
I was able to create such a wonderful stage with all of you
I’m happy to be able to receive your honest feelings

I wanted to cry so badly

I started to cry towards the end
And my field of vision became a blur

To see
All the cyalumes swaying and shining
It was so beautiful
That it brought even more tears to my eyes

No matter how much time passes
Even if my voice withers away

I hope I will be able to
To send my voice out to all of you
Who are holding me up with your support

Doing this job that I love so much
I will put in my best efforts
So that I can continuing this forever and ever

More and more
I will put in my best efforts
So I can return the favours that all of you have given me


I think I will talk about Fukuoka in more detail
On Okaeri Radio

Truly truly
Thank you very much!

Love! Fukuoka!

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