Mini Shiro-Noir

Good evening

Tomorrow is
The Nagoya liveee!

I’m gonna do my bestt

For everyone who’s coming
Let’s have as much fun as possible~☆☆☆

By the way

On Haru-chan’s recommendation
I managed to taste Shiro-Noir

It was the taste of bliss…( ´υ`)

The coffee was delicious tooooo

And with that
Having fully enjoyed Nagoya
I’m all powered up for tomorrow’s live!

See you tomorrow
Let’s meet up OK!

*Shiro-Noir (シロノワール) literally means White (白) and Black (Noir is French). It’s a ‘made in Nagoya’ dessert that consists of Danish pastry topped with vanilla ice-cream & other bits, either maple syrup or in Aki’s case (as you see in the picture), chocolate and a cherry.

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