The Nagoya live
Is overrr!

This time was
Haru-chan’s hometown~
What a really charged up live it wasssss
With the live hall a sea of Harucolour orange

It was really funnn~( ´υ`)

To everyone who came to the live
Thank you thank you
So very much!

I wonder
If any of you who’ve sent in mails and letters were amongst the crowd…?

With that thought passing through my mind
My eyes were darting about the audience during the live

This was a hall
Where it was easy to see everyone’s face clearly
I saw so many smiles…!**

And and
Haru-chan too, looked like she was having so much fun
Somehow when I see Haru-chan like that
It makes me feel so happy too…

Being able to have a hometown live
Is such a wonderful and warm thing( ´ω`)warm

Seeing all of you again today
‘Receiving’ your power and emotions,,
And above all, being able to give a little something back to all of you

From tomorrow onwards
I’ll do my best

I want to come to Nagoya againnn

Truly truly
It was ‘dera’*** funnnnnn!( ´∀`)☆☆☆

Please get
A lot of rest this evening OK

Thank you very much!

The picture above shows
Minako-san in the shinkansen…

She looks like a Hollywood celebrity—! lol

*Post title is an amalgamation of 鯱 (shachihoko) and ほっこり (hokkori). The former is a creature from Japanese folklore that has a dragon head and carp’s body – a pair of golden shachihoko adorns the top of Nagoya castle. Hokkori is Aki-speak for ‘fluffy’
**Aki actually says ‘so many smiles were input (インプット)’, I changed it up so it makes more sense
***Dera (でら) is Nagoya-ben for ‘very’. Probably equivalent to ‘sugoi’.

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