Ai ga Subete

The 26th of May
Is the release date
Of Toyosaki Aki’s 2nd single ‘Boku o Sagashite’

It’s a little different from the first single
The song was written
Based on the ‘負’* part of my personality

CHARA-san, an artist I admire a lot
Put much love into
Writing this gentle song for me

What I wanted to sing, emotions I wanted to convey
Put together with warm words and melody
They make up a really really precious song

When she came to the studio for the recording session
‘The feeling of love towards a production’
The wonder, the fun, the coolness
I felt all that once again

Truly truly
This is a song that is packed full of love

Of course CHARA-san
Everyone at my agency
All the stores that stock my CD
All the people involved in producing this CD
You have my thanks

Thank you very much

For my feelings to take shape
So that I send them out to all of you
I never thought it could feeeel so good…(´υ`)

Most of all
To all of you who have ‘Boku o Sagashite’ in your hands
Thank you


I fervently pray
That this (1 CD) will reach all of you…

…And and

So that I could show a bit of my gratitude
I went to Akihabara sometime in the afternoon**

Toranoana and Gamers
Were the two shops I stopped by
Hello Hello ( ´υ`)bows

There were many more shops that
I would’ve liked to visited but…

Time was not forgiving


I did leave my mark
At both Toranoana and Gamers
Through my signatures and scrawlings~


If you come to either shop
Do try to look out for them☆

To see them being handled so carefully
Makes me very very happy!

Also also
To those who actually were there to buy the CD
Meeting you
Made me feel happy~

Thank you!

This weekend
There’ll be handshake events
So I’ll be able to say ‘thank you’ personally then


Today’s humming song~
‘Aitakute, aitakute, itsu datte ageru yo…’***

Post title is a lyric from Boku o Sagashite, translates to ‘Love is Everything’
*負 = lose
**Aki says おやつの時間頃 here, which directly translate to ‘snack time’
***Another line from Boku o Sagashite

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