Aitakute Aitakute, Itsu datte Ageru yo

Good evening

Today was
The commemoration event for the release of ‘Boku o Sagashite’

There were handshake events
Held at Akihabara’s
And Animate

And a talk and mini live event
In Shibuya’s Tower Records

To be able to meet
Each one of you personally
To be able to speak to you
I was able to say ‘thank you’ through my voice and words
It was a very very precious opportunity…

All the faces of and words from you who stopped by today
I will receive and treasure all of them

Thank you very much

To you who showed me your most wonderful smile
To you who was so excited that you couldn’t even get your words out
To you who was running because you feared you wouldn’t make it on time
To you whose eyes were filled with tears

All of you, all of you
Thank you…(´υ`)

Your utmost love
Did get across to me

When I shook your hands
The warmth from these hands

All of this
Had a strange feeling, ‘something that words can’t describe’
And (your feelings) really did get across to me

Rest easy…

I will take my time
In reading all of your heartfelt letters(´υ`)

For the Tower Records event
I spoke at length about my 2nd single

That you were able to listen to my talk in a serious manner
That you did your absolute best in participating in
This event has became a ‘treasure’ in my life

And that my live was such a warm warm moment
Was thanks to all of you

When I sang ‘Boku o Sagashite’
I felt my voice was, in a good way, ‘piercing’ (your) hearts
I was able to sing with peace of mind
Because I felt ‘wrapped up’ in all of you

Truly truly
Thank you very much

To Toranoana, Gamers, Animate and Shibuya Tower Records,
The wonderful places that created this opportunity for me

To everyone at my agency

To all of you who stopped by
To all of you who listen to my songs

With much feelings of gratitude…


Thank you so much!( ´υ`)

Last of all…

Today’s events
The participants were all picked through lottery

I’ve heard that
Some of you didn’t get picked
Some of you regretfully couldn’t attend

So I
Would love to create more chances
Where I can meet all of you
I’m gonna continue trying my best, so let’s meet up☆

To all of you who wanted to see me but weren’t able to

With much feelings of gratitude…


Thank you so much!!!

*I left the post title as it is, because it’s a lyric line from Boku o Sagashite. Literally translates as ‘(I) want to see you, want to see you, always, I will’

PS. Translating these event reports is boring as heck cos the content has the same stuff over & over again. Is it any wonder that a lot of people think that it’s MuRay writing the girls’ blog posts for them?

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