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The Gentle Moon

Good evening Welcome home everyone Recently Tokyo has been experiencing a rainy period It seems pretty humid lately Even tonight It’s kinda steamy During the day If it’s wet and clammy Uoo(;´Д`)っ is the kind of feeling I get but … Continue reading

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I Might Really Like Lavender

Sphere tour! The Hokkaido live is over! To all who came Thank you very much! It was very very fun The temperature in Hokkaido may be cool but The live hall was very very warm An all-standing live If I … Continue reading

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The Osaka live is over! To those who came in the rain to see the show Thank you very much! Zepp Osaka When I was still living in the Kansai area It was a venue I went to so many … Continue reading

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Today was The public radio recording for ‘Ichiban Ushiro no Mugendai Raji-O’ Thank you very much To all the people who dropped by!!! Today is the 6th of June And it was the 6th broadcast episode of the radio show… … Continue reading

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Take care

The weather’s nice…(´υ`) Days like today Sky Sky☆Blue Sky is so fitting* And with that I left the house humming♪ Now Now It’s right after the commemoration event for my 2nd single And today’s Okaeri Radio Saw much more mail … Continue reading

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