Take care

The weather’s nice…(´υ`)

Days like today
Sky Sky☆Blue Sky is so fitting*

And with that
I left the house humming♪

Now Now

It’s right after the commemoration event for my 2nd single
And today’s Okaeri Radio
Saw much more mail come in than usual

So many letters came in from people who came to the event and said both their names and their radio handles
I was able to put faces to the names…(´ω`)

Thank you so very much

Even if I didn’t read your mails on air
I will definitely take my time to read them myself

To those of you who worry whether your mails have reached me
‘To you, and you too
Be assured, they have arrived safely…’

It’s alright
It’s alright!(´υ`)

So many
Considerate words
Thank you so very much for all of them

Lots of mail from first-timers
And mails related to the event
I am so happy to get them, so I wanted to relate my thanks on this blog~

I actually wanted to write about this last night
But after I came home, I was feeling dozy and floaty…

And fell asleep (lol)

I hope today
Will be another wonderful day for you


I too
Will do my beshtt!

*Sky Sky☆Blue Sky is a translation of ソラソラ☆あおぞら, c/w track off Aki’s Boku o Sagashite single

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