Today was
The public radio recording for ‘Ichiban Ushiro no Mugendai Raji-O’

Thank you very much
To all the people who dropped by!!!

Today is the 6th of June
And it was the 6th broadcast episode of the radio show…
It’s a triple 6 day!!!

It’s so Daimaoh-ish(`Д´)!

The detailed contents
Of the radio show…

Just look forward to the airtime…
Is all I can say for now but

It was really fun
And I also ended up really full (lol)
Turned out to be a wonderful radio recording

Thanks very much
To all of the people who had so much fun together with us!

Thanks for the food!!

‘Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaoh’
The Kanto-area broadcast is now at episode 10
A point where the story starts to get really exciting

Only a bit longer
‘Til the final episode…

Please please
Do continue to support the show!

I really had lots of fun

Thank you very much(´υ`)


Thank you very much
For the letters and illustrations
And the wonderful presents

I’ll go home
And slowly read each one of them(´ω`)

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