The Gentle Moon

Good evening
Welcome home everyone

Recently Tokyo has been experiencing a rainy period
It seems pretty humid lately

Even tonight
It’s kinda steamy

During the day
If it’s wet and clammy
Uoo(;´Д`)っ is the kind of feeling I get but
I quite like it to be that way at night

After all
It’s the smell of summer!(´υ`)*sniff sniff

More than a bright, clear day
Days more like today’s damp weather
Where the air and the wind blends together
Don’t you feel all the many different smells…?**

The smell of food wafting from someone’s house
The smell of someone’s bath
The flowers and the grass
The smell of the earth

Put all that together
And you have my favourite ‘summer smells’…(´ω`)

I was thinking about all of this
When I was walking home

It seems like it’ll be hot

Yosssh I’ll try my best!

**Aki can ‘feel’ smells. Yeap.

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