Outdoors Special!

Our performance at Osaka Castle Outdoors Hall
Is now safely over

Many thanks to the people
Who made it to the event
Despite the rain

Being an outdoors event
What we had lined up for the live was a little different from usual
We put up a special version!

New goods and a new mini-drama
Summer-themed mini yukata
The event was filled with such little things~

And above all!

Mina-chan and Haru-chan both
Aired their new songs for the first time~~~♪

Mina-chan singing ‘Lilac♪”s melody and
Haru-chan’s cute swimming-like dance
They’re looping in my brain~~~♪

Too wonderfulll!

Congrats to both of you( ´∀`)!

Of course
Ayahi-chan’s ‘Kimi ga Iru Basho’ was cool as alwaysssss

Needless to say everybody’s wonderful as alwayssss!

By the way
When I was performing ‘Boku o Sagashite’
It was raining

Raindrops together with the echo of a gentle voice
I hope that it brings everyone a warmer rain

I performed the song
While thinking that

Thank you very much
For listening to the songs amongst the lovely green scenery
Even though you were soaked by the rain

And with that
It was a memorable fun-filled outdoors live!

I would be happy
If everyone had a wonderful time too…☆

Tonight, do relax leisurely in your bath
So that you won’t catch a cold
And have a warm time of rest

Thank you Osakaaa!

The photo was one I took with Haru-chan on the shinkansen home

The camera was too close though lololol!

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