Singin’ in the Rain

Is the Osaka outdoor live!!

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you so much
That I can’t sleep!!!


Hope the weather will be good
Won’t it…(;´`)

It seems
The weather forecast is a bit worrying…

Oh deary dear

To all the people coming

Please get ready
Your raincoats and towels
To protect against the rain
The live goes on into the night
So take care not to catch a cold…

If it does rain
What I’m most worried about is your health…(´`)

Even if it rains tomorrow
I’m going to break through the rain and try my best with cheerfulness!

Having fun outdoors
Singing and dancing♪

I want to be like Gene Kelly~ lol

Yosh!Yosh!( `ω´)!

So with that
Please look forward to
The special version of the Sphere stage, outdoors…

See you tomorrow

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