The August issue of ‘cut’ that goes on sale today
Has K-ON!! on the cover, yay!

Yui-chan’s on the cover~!


It’s a special feature on K-ON!!
And I also got interviewed a little~

..I should say

Is a magazine that I normally buy and read every month

The last issue had Oguri Shun on the cover
And now even I’m on it!


To be featured in a publication that I admire
Is like a dream~

All of this
It’s because of K-ON!!’s Yui-chan that it’s possible…

Thinking about that
I was filled with much feelings of gratitude when doing the interview
Please please do take a look at the article~

Well, going back a little
When we heard that we would be featured
The plan was to talk about the anime, music and characters

I really loved that( ´∀`)

When making an anime production
It really takes the efforts of a lot of people
Beginning from the director, then the animators, the sound and music team, the TV and radio stations, PR people, actors and so on…

If I had to mention them all it’d take forever
So many people involved, combining their powers to make the show

But but in the midst of all these people
The events and the venues, the magazine interviews
It’s mostly the actors
Who are in the position of being able to talk about the production

You can say we’re
‘Tools’ to get the feelings of the many people who work on the show across (to the public), we’re representatives
And that is an important role for us

Obviously there’s a lot of responsibility in that
And I’m sure I’m still not effectively able to get everyone’s thoughts across well enough but
Being in a job where I’m able to convey my feelings through words
I take great pride in that

To be able to let everyone understand a little bit more about the show
I always hold that hope and responsibility in my heart
When we receive requests for (magazine) features


It seems that I wrote fairly seriously( ´υ`)


No matter what words in what magazine
That the writers are able to make sense of my chaotic talking
I often feel a sense of awe about it

Everyday is a day of gratitude and learning…( ´ω`)sooon.

That’s it for tonight

The photo shows the cover of ‘cut’

Take note of it and LET’SSS GO to the bookshop☆

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