3D Aki and an unintentionally-dragged-into-it Haruka

Just a week more to Sphere’s tour finale!!

A live in NHK Hall
And a live 3D broadcast
We’re in the middle of fervent rehearsals!

Singing and dancing
With high-tech equipment like 3D cameras~

Looking at the images created through the 3D camera
I’m also learning whilst preparing for the stage

Everybody, this is high technology!

So that we can ‘pop out’
To the stage audience
We’re in the midst of running various tests

Do look forward to the show

Once again
You can view the live in cinemas all over the country
I think that’s pretty amazing…

Standing on this stage
The thought that ‘(we’re) not alone’ is fantastic

Even though we’re in different places
We’re able to share this time together..

That is
A really really really
Wonderful thing

For the sake of the people coming to the show
I’m going to do my best~

Do! Do my best~

The picture above
Is a camera shot I took during a break…☆*

Is jumping out of Aki’s head!**

*original text says ぱしゃりんこ, which is some weird sound Japanese people make when taking photos
**original text is とびだすふぃあ (tobidasufia), which combines tobidasu (jump) + Sphere

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