Today is
The release date of Ayahi-chan’s debut single!!!


Everybody, have you listened to it…?

I’ve been playing it quite a few times on Okaeri Radio

Ayahi-chan’s singing…what an angel!!!

The jacket picture and the music clip too
Are full of Ayahi-chan’s feelings of love
It’s so so wonderful…

She’s someone who tries so hard and a fills everything with love,
Fully focused & looking straight ahead
When she’s working

Just listening to her voice on this single
I think one can feel Ayahi’s personality…

Everybody do do
Listen to it as much as possible!

Oh oh

This is something I’ve always personally thought

When Ayahi-chan performs live
She looks as if she’s praying

Hoping her voice will reach (you)…
Putting her words across in song…
Wholeheartedly wishing, singing as if in prayer
That’s how I see her

And so
I think Ayahi-chan when she’s singing
Is even cooler than she normally is

Yeap yeap( ´υ`)

The story’s got a little sidetracked but
This single is filled with an Ayahi-chan who’s cool and angelic

I hope that Ayahi-chan’s prayer
Will reach all of you…

Truly truly

♪Today’s humming song
‘Kimi ga Iru Basho’

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