Melty melty

The picture shows
What me and Nacchan were talking about today
‘A self-reward♥’ pair of earrings~



If you think ‘I’ve been trying really hard lately’
Do treat yourself to something nice

( ´∀`)/Nice boy nice boy~

But don’t be too nice to yourself
Just sometimes, OK?

Surely, surely
You’ll become more motivated!And get in the mood!

…even so
It’s so hot everyday…

Just walking down the street
I feel like I’m going to melt!!!

I’ll say it once more
I feel like I’m going to melt!!!

In the midst of such days
Going to school, going to work, trying hard at club activities, doing part-time jobs…

So many different people doing their best at all kinds of things
Even moving about in this kind of heat…
You’re all so admirable already!

I do think that( ´ω`)

Take good care of your health
And try your hardest tomorrow☆

♪The song I’m humming today

For some reason
Is ‘Chocobo’s Theme’♪ lol

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