Tour finale!
Is safely over…

I had fun
I was happy
I was touched
There were tears in my eyes

…There’s so many, many
Thoughts going through my mind but

Just one word

‘Thank you.’

The productions, the programmes
The characters I love

The me that is connected to them

The people that supported me from anear
Family, friends, my manager, all the staff
It’s because you are there

That I am able to be here

Above all
Those who supported, called my name, held me up on their shoulders
Because you were there

That is all (I needed)

All of this
This is the me
That is here because of all the people around me

I am so full of the feelings of gratitude
My heart feels like it will burst

Within me
I keep searching and searching and searching for the words to express the ‘thank you’ in my heart

But the feelings are so overwhelming
That I can’t find the words to say

From now on
Through my voice, my songs, my visuals, my acting
I am going to give all of these feelings back to you

I am still a little unreliable, a little clumsy and a little helpless

But please look out for me from now on

Let me show my feelings to you


Thank you!

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