Nau Suka’su!

Good evening everyone!

The date has already changed but

July 28th
was the release date of Sphere’s 5th single
‘Now loading…SKY!!’

Have you listened to it already~( ´ω`)Gufufu

The moment you listen to it
You’ll know ‘It’s summer!’, it’s that kind of happy song…

In the recording studio
And during the music clip shoot too
As always, me and the rest of Sphere had lots of giggly fun recording them

Above all

To all of you whom I (we) love
We created them with our usual feelings of gratitude…

Of course all of us
Hope that this (release) will be something precious for all of you too…( ´ω`)


For the people who helped us make NauSuka…

We’ve made it to the release date safely

It’s all down to the supporters
And all our staff members

Our 5th single
Isn’t it amazing

I certainly think it’s amazing

Really really
Thank you, as always

I will be doing my best from now on too
So please continue to show your support!

*Gyabo is Noda Megumi’s catchphrase from the Nodame Cantabile series

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