I love ‘Moyashi Fufu’ too

When I was on the train
An elderly English gentleman talked to me…!

It seems he was really interested in the box of donuts I was holding
And he said ‘I love Krispy Kreme Donuts too’ in fluent Japanese

After that
He continued ‘I love sweets too’ with a grin on his face~

And when he got off the train
He said ‘See you again someday~’ with a wink…

The atmosphere and his presence
Fashionable! Wonderful!

Ristorante Paradiso!


Talking about sweet foods
He seemed so content in the conversation
And that somehow made me feel happy too(´υ`)nufuu

Well well

NauSuka campaign!

Please come play at the event venue~**
Let’s share a fun time together~(´ω`)

Public recording will be be fwun!***
So excited…

*Post title references the Ono Natsume one-shot (she wrote Ristorante Paradiso)
**Aki actually uses 会場まであそびにいくヨ! with the Asobi ni Ikuyo! title pun
***Aki puts 楽しみだわん! where ‘wan’ is the sound of a dog woofing

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