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Animelo Summer Live 2010~evolution~

We were privileged To have the opportunity to perform at Animelo Summer Live 2010~evolution~ Held at Saitama Super Arena! To have a chance to stand on stage in front of nearly 30,000 people What a truly precious time it was…! … Continue reading

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I read the posthumous writings of The animation director Mr. Kon Satoshi Each and every single word made my heart quiver It may seem a little impertinent Of a person like me to make such comments public But As somebody … Continue reading

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Rice, Delish.

Lately I’ve been getting into risotto(*´υ`*) It’s delicious isn’t it~risotto~ The picture shows a certain Ebisu restaurant’s tomato risotto~ There is unpolished rice in it And it seems to be good for the body~ Totally delish!, it is If only … Continue reading

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Tower Records!

Belatedly… The day before yesterday, on 21 August I participated in the ‘Asobi ni Ikuyo!’ event held in Tower Records Shinjuku! Without prior warning, Sphere appeared as surprise guests I was very happy to see how surprised and welcoming everyone … Continue reading

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Today I spent some time hanging around the basement area of my favourite departmental store Uooooo…。(*´∀`*)☆ That definitely left me in good spirits!!! For more than 30 minutes I wandered aimlessly around I felt really happy…☆ I ended up Buying … Continue reading

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I’ll Give to You, Something Sweet

I love melon-flavoured candy Somehow, it’s a nostalgic taste for me It’s the only flavour of sweet that I won’t start crunching to bits halfway through I’d savour it and roll it around (on my tongue)(´ω`) OK Moving on to … Continue reading

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Congrats on the 10th Year Anniversary☆

Both on Saturday and Sunday I was involved with TBS Anime Festa 2010! Over these two days ‘Kaicho wa Maid-sama!’, ‘Motto ToLOVEru’ & ‘K-ON!! Were the 3 stages I took part in For ‘Kaicho wa Maid-sama!’ The stage was set … Continue reading

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