Come to the Public Recording

Good evening everyone

The commemoration event for NauSuka’s release ‘Now loading…CAMPAIGN!!’ is safely over!!

Many thanks to the people who came out to play!

Thanks to everyone
It was an incredibly fun event!


To the people who came to the event space
And to those who couldn’t come

Please keep an eye out for when the show will go on air~

All of your voices are in it!

This year, I had this thought going through my head:
‘This year, I would like to meet many more of you than I did last year’

And to be able to see this become reality
Is a truly blessed thing

Thank you
Thank you…

Playing back the crowd reactions during the live event in my mind
I want to have more fun talking about this on pl@net☆sphere from now on(´ω`)

We’ll wait for you on next week’s planet!


*post title is a play on the Asobi ni Ikuyo! episode titles which use a きにました format
Unfortunately, translating to English means there is a loss in many of the little puns that Aki inserts in her post, such as the substitution of ヨ instead of よ

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