T.h.a.n.k.s for the Love♪

K-ON!!’s new OP and ED songs will be released!

And I, as the voice of Yui-chan
Took lead vocals on OP song ‘Utauyo!!MIRACLE’

This is a song that captures the jumpy, happy image of Yui

Music is fun!
Being with everyone is fun!
I love K-ON!
..and I filled the song with plenty of Yui’s feelings

For the listeners
I hope this fills you with a sense of happiness that thinking of the K-ON!! world should do☆


By the way
One of my favourite phrases
Is included in the D-melo part of the song that can’t be heard on the TV-size version~(´υ`)

During recording
I felt really excited during that part of the song…

Do do
Look forward to hearing the full version of the song on the CD

And and
Tomorrow’s new CD releases~~~that song is out too!!

Congrats Haru-chan☆

But I’ll talk about that slowly tomorrow!

The photo shows a toy that looks so much like Ton-chan!!!

Its back is actually a melon pan

So cute!

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