Congrats on the 10th Year Anniversary☆

Both on Saturday and Sunday
I was involved with TBS Anime Festa 2010!

Over these two days
‘Kaicho wa Maid-sama!’, ‘Motto ToLOVEru’ & ‘K-ON!!
Were the 3 stages I took part in

For ‘Kaicho wa Maid-sama!’
The stage was set up just like an afureko studio
It was a really lively and fun atmosphere to hold the talk corner in
The time I spend in the Maid-sama recording studio
Is almost going to reach an end soon
And that feels so sad as both the cast and staff put so much effort into making the show

Satsuki-tencho’s rampages…or rather, her delusions – do keep an eye out for them
Please continue supporting the show!

The 2nd stage was for
This autumn’s new programme ‘Motto ToLOVEru’!

I actually voiced a character called Momo-chan in the OVA
And she’ll be making her first appearance in the new TV series

Do check it out☆

And on this stage came the previously unreleased news…

For ‘Motto ToLOVEru’
I will be replacing Arai Satomi, who is on hiatus
For the role of Peke

I loved Arai-san’s performance as Peke
I was really surprised when I heard the news that I would be substituting for her, it’s a first for me

To think that I might be of use in this way
I received this role

Arai-san is somebody
Who fills her characters and productions with much love

That is something I learned
After working with her closely on PiPoPa and Railgun etc

For me
She is an actress I truly admire and love

I am still a ‘chick’ in comparison
Both my lack of technique and experience means I have a long way to got to match Arai-san but

To be trusted with the role of my beloved Arai-san’s beloved, beloved Peke-chan
I will do my absolute best for the afureko

Of course to the staff as well
Above all to Arai-san and Peke-chan
As well as to Arai-san’s fans and all the ToLOVEru viewers and fans
I will put my best efforts into this and not let any of you down
Please watch over me from now on

I will continue to do my best too as Momo-chan, Lala-chan’s sister that was introduced in the OVA

So please support ‘Motto ToLOVEru’ which starts airing in October!

And and!

For both days the last stage was ‘K-ON!!’

This was the first live since the Yokohama Arena show
And both the 2nd season opening and ending themes were performed…so
It seems I was really nervoussss

With me as lead vocals for Yui-chan, it was the first time singing both of the new opening songs live

‘Can I sing this properly?’
‘Will I run out of breath?’
I had my doubts at first but…

All the audience members
Really got into it
So that enabled me to put my heart into singing it!

Despite being the last event in a long day
Thank you so much for putting your all into cheering along!

Personally what really touched me
was the last phrase in ‘Utauyo!!MIRACLE’
Being able to sing ‘Love, Love, Thanks for the love~♪’ together with the crowd

Thanks to everyone’s feelings of ‘We love K-ON!!’
It became a really, really warm moment…

From now on
Keep watching over Yui with those feelings

Thank you!

Last of all
To all the TBS Anime Festa staff
And Mr. Announcer Mukai
Thanks for your hard work over these two days

To be able to get involved with such wonderful productions, to be involved with these stages
Is a wonderful privilege

Anime shows and characters, the staff
I’ll repay you from now on with the voice of my heart

Thanks for your work!!

The photo shows
The HTT parkas that were made especially for this fest!

Yui’s character colour, red!


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