I’ll Give to You, Something Sweet

I love melon-flavoured candy

Somehow, it’s a nostalgic taste for me
It’s the only flavour of sweet that I won’t start crunching to bits halfway through
I’d savour it and roll it around (on my tongue)(´ω`)

Moving on to something completely different

I think this is something that’s common knowledge
But whether for anime or music or games
They all have the power to ‘portray’ or to ‘create’ their own worlds*

When I’m acting
On top of being entrusted with a character’s voice
(I) have to protect this worldview

On the other hand, the meaning of my own performance, or rather
Expanding the world of the character through relations with various people
I think it is all very important

It wouldn’t be good if I put too much of ‘myself’ into a role
But still
These are all characters that were entrusted to me
And there is also the pride that comes with
Thinking that there are characters that only ‘I’ can do…

The need to make allowances and to maintain a balance
It’s really subtle and hard to do(*´`*)

I am still a newcomer and have much to learn.

It somehow makes me happy and fills me with a sense of wonder

When I am singing

I take different approaches
Depending on whether I’m singing in character
Or singing for myself

There are so many things
That I have yet to and would love to learn but…

I’ll write more when I feel like I’m up to it

Anyway what I feel is

No matter what you do you gotta be flexible
Gentle, soft…

Wanting to create gentle sounds and words for the people listening

Is what I think(*´`*)


I hope tomorrow
Is another happy day for everyone…☆

*I think my English deficiencies are kinda apparent here.
I can’t really think of a natural way to fit in a translation for 世界観 (world view, outlook) without it sounding like something Babelfish spit up.
It also doesn’t help that the way Aki writes is chaotic & vague, with many things merely ‘implied’
I have to take liberties, because I can’t read her mind.
I think she ate too much melon candy when she was writing this.
Most of it makes no sense, not to me anyway.
Accuracy of this translation: probably 30%.

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One Response to I’ll Give to You, Something Sweet

  1. omo says:

    Hmm, I don’t think that phrase is the problem, more like what she is trying to say is just weird and I’m not sure if you’re taking it too literally or what :3

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