I spent some time hanging around the basement area of my favourite departmental store


That definitely left me in good spirits!!!

For more than 30 minutes
I wandered aimlessly around
I felt really happy…☆

I ended up
Buying things like pickles and salads~

Warm and fuzzy~(*´υ`*)

I’ll go boil up that Uonuma Koshihikari* I fought hard to buy the other day
Let’s go eat freshly boiled rice~

When I look at the shining freshly boiled rice
I suddenly feel in my heart that I understand
The feelings of Keena-chan and Yui-chan

I look forward so much
To (the) rice I will eat when I go home(*´∀`*)

Everybody, please eat delicious foods
To prevent summer fatigue

Fight for tomorrow!

♪Today’s humming song is


*Koshihikari is a popular variety of rice cultivated in Japan, one of the most popular is harvested in Uonuma, Niigata
**Lyrics from Gohan wa Okazu, in case people don’t watch K-ON!!

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