Tower Records!


The day before yesterday, on 21 August
I participated in the ‘Asobi ni Ikuyo!’ event held in Tower Records Shinjuku!

Without prior warning, Sphere appeared as surprise guests
I was very happy to see how surprised and welcoming everyone was!

I’m not only
Singing the opening song as part of Sphere
But I also voice Melwin in the anime!

To be involved with the production
In so many different shapes
Fills me with many feelings of gratitude…

There’s only a few more afureko sessions left
I’ll do my best in my performance until the very end!

In the midst of this heat, to have everyone welcome us with ‘Asobi ki ni mashita!’
Thanks so much for that(*´υ`*)

Continuing on
Thank you for the support☆

…And now for a digression…

The day before yesterday
On a separate floor of the Tower Records in Shinjuku

An artist I love very much called Youmou to Ohana
Held an acoustic live!!!

What a coincidence!

I have all their CDs!
They’re on heavy rotation on my playlist!!
Or should I say I hum their songs all the time!!!Sorry!!!

To be in the same building as an artist I admire so much,,


So happyyyy
Actually, I want to see them perform live(´υ`)

To have something like that happen
Made it an incredibly happy day for me(*´∀`*)

The picture shows
Eris in Tower Records~!

If there was such a cute shop assistant
I’d definitely end up buying lots of CDs! lol

I believe Eris-chan will be waiting to greet you in Tower Shinjuku for sure
So if you have time do come and meet her~


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