Rice, Delish.

I’ve been getting into risotto(*´υ`*)

It’s delicious isn’t it~risotto~

The picture shows a certain Ebisu restaurant’s tomato risotto~

There is unpolished rice in it
And it seems to be good for the body~

Totally delish!, it is

If only I could make this kind of dish at home…was what I thought
And with that I ended up buying a ‘risotto kit’ at a supermarket that sells a lot of imported goods

It says you can make a simple and tasty cheese risotto, or so it seems~

I’m lookin’ forward to eet!

Oh oh, risotto…
It’s easy to make if it’s ‘pseudo’ risotto~

A recommended method would be
To use store-made tomato sauce (the kinda stuff you use in pasta)
Mix it up with rice and simmer it gently

In the blink of an eye
The easy risotto dish is done☆


Those who live alone, please do try this out~

You must try it~

Now now talking about rice
In Tokyo, tonight will be the broadcast of episode 21 of K-ON!!~

I will try my best to wake up for it

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