Animelo Summer Live 2010~evolution~

We were privileged
To have the opportunity to perform at Animelo Summer Live 2010~evolution~
Held at Saitama Super Arena!

To have a chance to stand on stage in front of nearly 30,000 people
What a truly precious time it was…!

Saitama Super Arena
Is the largest stage I’ve ever performed on in my life so far

The colours of the cyalumes everyone was waving
Seemed to shine on and on endlessly
It was as if I was singing in space…☆


To be able to stand on the same stage as so many of our admired ‘sempai’ artists
It’s really an honour, we’re so fortunate!

Backstage and in the corridors, so many of our seniors
Encouraged us by saying ‘Ganbare Sphere’
And my nerves were calmed

Thanks to the warm and lively crowd
And the other kind artists
I think the first day of AniSama was a wonderful live, overflowing with love towards anison…

I’m filled with many feelings of gratitude!

Thank you very much!

This year’s AniSama theme is ‘evolution’!

So like the theme
I want to evolve and grow so that I can stand on this stage once again
I’ll do my best from now on!(`ω´)!

Tomorrow is Day 2!
Those who are coming, do have as much fun as possible OK!

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