Aki Tourist☆

Good evening everyone

I think you’ll already know about this but,,,

Will be releasing a new single on the 10th of November

This will be the third single
Under the name Toyosaki Aki

Thanks to all you who listen to my music

Truly, I am full of ‘thanks’…!

Always and always
Thank you very much(*´`*)

The songs I sing in my solo career
Are like ‘self-discovery’ trips for me
And all of you listeners who cuddle up to me on these journeys, dear friends who accompany me…

It’s so wonderful to not be alone!
That’s the kind of feeling I get~

It seems that a lot of the characters I voice in anime have helpless personalities so the songs I sing for them end up like that

So to sing just as ‘Toyosaki Aki’
Takes a bit of courage but

I can’t help feeling it’s so fun
Through the nerves
And excitement

Being myself, feeling my existence,
It’s something that seems so natural but I still feel it deep within me

For my new song too
To make sure that I can share
A fantastically fun, dazzling journey with all of you

I’m now trying my best to map out my route!(`ω´)!

So please
Do look forward to it and wait just a little while longer…☆

Leaving that asides…

It’s September starting today
Will it start getting cooler~(*´∀`*)
Is what I want
But it’s not happening at all!! lol

The sunlight is harsh…(´Д`;)when I’m walking but

When I take a walk
The light that reflects the shadows of the leaves on the trees on the ground
And the wind that blows, all fluttery and breezy
It’s so so beautiful…

The picture above shows a certain road of greenery!

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