Daisuki o Arigatou

Tonight will be the broadcast of the final episode
Of K-ON!! on the TBS channel

There are lots and lots of things
Going on in my mind
But for now I’m just happy to be able to watch the show

‘Daisuki o Arigato’
That line that Yui sings to everyone in the opening

I would like to say to Yui-chan
‘I love you’ and ‘Thank you’**

In the final episode’s afureko
I did give my all for (the voicing of) Yui

Please do
Watch the show

And do gently watch over
My beloved, beloved Yui and her friends

I leave us in your hands

I’ll try my best
Not to cry when the final episode is on air!


*I retained the title Daisuki o Arigatou cos of the lyrics
**But not here cos it wouldn’t make much sense otherwise (man I need to get consistent with this)

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