Mina-chan Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Today is Mina-chan’s birthday!

Congrats on turning 19

Mina-chan is someone
Who’s always straightforward and gentle
And listens to each and every thing I say…

When I’m with Mina-chan
It’s always lots of fun

It seems, it seems
Mina-chan has always been a very mature person but
Lately I feel that she’s becoming even cooler, with the air of a ‘dignified lady’ about her

It is so so wonderful…or so I think(*´υ`*)

I hope that the coming year
Is one that is filled with smiles for Mina-chan…

Always, thank you☆

And oh
The picture shows a sweet that Mina-chan gave to me recently…

It’s so cute it’d be a waste to eat itttt.lol

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