Nekomori Shukai

Was a very very wonderful night!

The reason for this is
Because I ‘experienced’
Taniyama Hiroko-san’s concert ‘Nekomori Shukai 2010’…

How should I put it…
‘Went to see’ or ‘went to hear’…it wasn’t quite like that
I think ‘experienced’ is a more appropriate way to put it
For every member of the audience, sharing the same time and space, being enveloped by the music
It was a truly warm concert(*´`*)

Taniyama Hiroko-san was
The person who wrote the song ‘Nani ka ga Sora o Tonde kuru’ for my first solo CD
She’s an artist I really really love

Though having expressed my admiration
This is actually the first time I heard her voice live in concert
(Of course, I’ve listened to her voice lots and lots on CD)
So I headed to the live venue filled with much excitement

Right from the start of the concert I was continually moved
I’m not sure I can express my feelings well in words, but I’ll try

The Nekomori Shukai
Is really like having a music festival in the middle of a forest
In this slightly curious atmostphere
The listeners are enveloped by Taniyama-san’s gentle singing voice
And you feel as if your consciousness is starting to float (in the air)

With the music gradually seeping into (your bones)
The tiredness you feel in your body and heart
Is healed easily

Taniyama-san’s songs can sometimes be a little ‘venomous’
And though I do like that side of her
There’s an echoing, surreal yet lack of ‘offensiveness’ in her soft voice
It really meakes you feel good..

In the blink of an eye it was all over
But I never expected such a surprise during the encoreeeeee!!!

…the final encore song
Was ‘Nani ka ga Sora o Tonde kuru’…


Not caring about my surroundings and who was looking
I could not hold them in


I may be an adult and
Though I rarely cry in public
I was just so happy and felt so fortunate, that before I knew it the tears were falling…

For my solo career
To have artists I admire so much offer their compositions to me

It’s just something so so incredible
Truly, I’m so fortunate and feel like a ‘lucky girl’ to have all the people around me supporting me…

My feelings of gratitude grow stronger each day
Even a little…no…as much as possible
I think I will live my days trying to give a little something back to all of you

I hope someday
I will be able to hold a concert where you can feel the love overflowing
Like in Taniyama-san’s

And I would like to become someone can present music
That is able to provide release and relaxation and comfort in a given time and space
To the people who come (to my concert)

It was truly a wonderful night tonight

It seems my blog entry is much longer than usual
Much gratitude to you, for reading right to the end…

Thank you very much

By the way the sweets you see in the picture above,
Are sweets I bought on my way to the concert

I used to eat them a lot when I was young, and I bought them out of nostalgia

I was still sucking them on the way home but
The sakuranbo** flavoured ones’ sweet, pink cuteness…
Are accompanied by an underlying sourness
And I realised that they were like Taniyama-san’s songs…

*Nekomori Shuukai literally means Cat Forest Assembly
**cherry flavour
PS. O-K. I listen to Taniyama Hiroko too, she’s definitely one of the more underrated singers around. Her peak period was in the 80s but she was unfortunate to come up against a wall of cutesy idols at the time. Nevertheless she’s found fame writing songs for other people, including Teshima Aoi’s Teru no Uta from the Gedo Senki movie

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