It’s coldd
It’s autumnn

How was it for all of you?

Because of the sudden windy conditions
I headed to work dressed in a long-sleeved one-piece, wearing fluffy boots and with a knit scarf (wrapped around my neck)

It’s perfect defensive measures☆

In autumn, my ERA* goes up by 5 points!!!


Even so
I can’t believe
How quickly the temperature has changed from last week…

On Okaeri Radio too
I’ve been seeing a lot of mails from people catching colds~

It’s worrying, so worrying…(*´`*)

Everyone, do take care of yourselves OK

And to those who already caught a cold
I hope you get well soon

Now then, tomorrow
I’ll be at the Geneon Music Fes
As part of Railgun (cast)

It’s been a long time since I last touched Uiharu~n
I plan to wear flowers on my head

Feeling excited(*´∀`*)

Those who are able to make it
Let’s have a great time together~

♪Today’s humming song
Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World


*ERA = Earned run average, a baseball term that refers to the average of runs given up for each nine innings pitched. The lower the figure, the better.
**I get the feeling I should never have translated ふんす (funsu) to Yosshh. Not that either term has any meaning…

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