Dill, Release!

Good evening
I wonder how many of you have listened to it already~


Toyosaki Aki’s third solo single
Finally, the information ban was lifted yesterday!


The song is written by my beloved clammbon
It’s like a treasure to me…

The collaboration with clammbon only came about as a result of Okaeri Radio so
I wanted the show to get the first play of the song…(*´∀`*)tehe

I have lots of thoughts about Dill but
Most of all, I hope all of you enjoy the sounds~♪

Music is ‘the act of enjoying sound’
I think that’s something that is natural but
It’s when a ‘voice’ resonates that I think is most precious

Being offered an opportunity to create a song with Mito-san, Ikuko-san & Daisuke-san
I went to see the stage that clammbon creates

And there, I learnt from (watching) them
Those wonderful thoughts that lie in that part of my heart

To me, they’re really peaceful ‘older brothers & sister(s)’
It’s the first time I’ve met people who love music as much as they do

Above all
It was so fun to be able to share the same ‘space’ as them
When they came to the studio for Dill‘s recording
(Ah. We also ate kaki-goori* together in the studio lol)

And once again, I was able to feel the fun of being involved in the act of creating ‘sound’

Up’til now
To be able to sing songs written by artists I admire
I realise how fortunate I am to be afforded such luxuries
And I will always be thankful for these (chances)

More than simply being able to do the things I love
I can create things that make me believe ‘I’m so cool’

Usually I just sing songs written for characters I’ve voiced
So this time, I thought hard
About the ‘meaning’ to the songs I sing in my solo career

The things I like, the things I think are cool
When people response ‘Yeap (I think that’s cool)!’
It feels like our sensibilities have been ‘connected’ together, like a link has formed
And that is a miracle

To hear people respond positively to
Something that has been created with love
I feel even happier and filled with wonder

It’s like we share the same sensibilities and ‘connections’, that sort of thing(*´υ`*)

So this time I sang Dill filled with all these thoughts
And I personally think this is an amazing song!

Please listen to it over and over

…Having said that
There’s plenty of preparations needed ahead of the release date
(Like the sleeve jacket photos & the PV)
To make each of my CDs better than the one that came it
I’ll do my best

And with that
I’ll end this longer-than-usual post here~

Thanks for reading all the way☆


PS I’m sure you can tell I had lots of fun translating this post >_>
*kaki-goori = shaved ice

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