The Pride of the One Inside

I’m playing Houkago Live
I’m so absorbed in it

Though I’m not a student anymore
I fully enjoy my after-school time yo~♪

I’ve always been good at music games (or so I think)
So I confidently whizzed through the game
Humming along to the songs

I met a formidable foe in Giita ni Kubittake!


I’d been cruising along up to this point
My first game oveerrrrrrrrr

And my face was as flustered
As Yui’s was on the screen…


Somehow I still managed to clear the song

Even if the rank was a rather suspect B…


And so
I kept on playing
And wooh, CagaGa and Reijii!*


On Reijii
I was in ecstasy to hear Yossan (Mio-shan) say ‘Ur singin’s awsm’ ☆(*´∀`*)

But it was game over again…!


I think I’m obssessed with the game~gufufu

The PSP game K-ON! Houkago Live!

Everyone, do give it a go~

Soo fun~♪

Post title probably refers to Aki not wanting to give up on completing Giita… since well, she is Yui ^^;
*It took me like…10 minutes to realise that かががとれいじー referred to Cagayake Girls! & Don’t say “lazy” :[

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