I’m Home~

At the end of a day…

Today I got a lot of mails
On Okaeri Radio~

A week’s worth
Of laughter and delights
Of disappointments and downers
Good things and bad things
Lots of stuff happens but

Returning to Okaeri Radio each Thursday
I always find myself being saved
By all your overflowing words

Really Really
Thank you(*´υ`*)

Somehow it always seems like I’m the one who is cheered up
And that makes me a little anxious

When I read mails from the Okaeri Radio listeners
I can feel the tenderness in each of them
So I want to make a kind radio show that’s able to relay my thanks properly

No matter whether you’re listening to the show
Or even if you’re just thinking about it

If my clumsy talks on Okaeri Radio
Could make your heart feel all soft and gentle
I would be happy…

Everybody, ‘Welcome Home’ today!

I’ll try my best too☆

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