Japanese-styled Sphere

Good evening~

Just a short while ago
The Sphere homepage has changed to a Moon Signal layout
Did you all notice~(*´∀`*)

You’re now able to see the PV and hear the song
So if there’s any of you who still haven’t seen it
Go go fly to the Sphere page!

By the way, today’s photo
Shows a sashiire* provided during the Moon Signal jacket shoot

Waddya know
‘A flower-patterned bavarois**’!!


And of course, the flowers inside are edible…

I saw this bavarois in a magazine before and got so excited over it at the time
And the Music Ray’n mobile staff remembered and got it for me!!

I’ve always thought bavarois tasted lovely anyway
But in this case I’m just so happy that the staff remembered~(´υ`)

Thank you so very much☆

Having received this wonderful sashiire
I went through the shoot giggling and smiling, it was lots of fun~

Our onee-san stylists played a huge part too
They had to make some traditional Japanese patterns (25m long!!) for the shoot by hand
I think the pictures turned out wonderful

With so many people’s loving thoughts going into this…

Gradually going through the process (of making Moon Signal)
It was full of fun and I feel fortunate to have been involved

From Sphere
We hope that you will be filled with joy to hear Moon signal…

Look forward to its release☆

*sashiire (差し入れ) are ‘gifts’ that accompany an occasion, for example a carton of cold drinks at a sports meet.
**bavarois are fluffy puddings
***Uiharu refers to Aki’s character from Railgun. Her name is written 初春, which literally means ‘First Spring’

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