I can’t catch Kumashun.

For the current autumn and winter seasons
It seems fluffy clothing and accessories are some of the ‘in’ things
Going shopping is so fun

I had a chance encounter with a soft and fluffy bag
And I ended up buying it…

It’s so cutee~(*´υ`*)

Now now

I had some time in between jobs today
So I went to my favourite depachika*

I especially love the sweets corner
Totally spend loads of time wandering around…

Japanese and Western sweets
They’re both works of art!

When I see cakes lined up so neatly in the display case
I feel like I’m in an art gallery(*´∀`*)

Even just looking at them (without eating)
I’m already satisfied☆

Grabbing a delicious salad and my favourite honey (oh yeah! I actually came to the store to buy honey!)
Being ‘healed’ by walking around the depachika-cum-art-gallery
That’s what I did today~

I’ll do my best~

♪Today’s humming song

‘Goooodbyeeeee Ruuuby Tueeesday♪’**

Post title totally unrelated to post content :D Kumashun is a type of Pokemon from the new Black & White series.
*depachika (デパ地下) refers to the basement floor of departmental stores, which are usually supermarkets or food show areas.
**Ruby Tuesday by Rolling Stones

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