It’s Edible Art.

While wandering aimlessly around Shinjuku’s Takashimaya
I came across this poster…


Is it the season for Christmas cake reservations already?

Time really does
Fly by so quickly…

It seems like I’m the type to hide things but
…I love looking through cake catalogues!!

Takashimaya’s Christmas cakes
They’re of the highest quality every year!

I’ve seen this year’s (catalogue) already
And they’re amazing

It’s like (Takashimaya’s) throwing down the gauntlet
To all the patisseries (out there)!


When you next stop by a depachika
Do try and look out for the cakes

They’re amazing!!!

Talking about Christmas

I hope that at Sphere’s Christmas Party
I can eat delicious cake with everyone…

We’re in the midst of hatching great plans for the Party
Of course, that’s while we’re still rehearsing for Budokan


Winter’s coming soon
And there’s so many exciting things to look forward to…

I’ll do my best tomorrow~♪

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