Moon Signal, Release!

Good evening

Today, the 20th of October
Is the release date of Sphere’s new single Moon Signal!

Have you gotten hold of your copy yet~?(*´∀`*)

The single this time
Serves as the opening theme song for Otome Yokai Zakuro
An anime in which I voice the role of Bonbori

A song to fit in with the anime’s setting
Mixing up Eastern and Western influences
We ended up with a song that has a mysterious yet wonderful atmosphere about it!

As usual, the limited edition version of the CD has a music clip included!

Looking at the moon and praying, gazing at the camera with a ‘pained’ expression…

We all played the parts of ‘maidens in love’~


So do please
Enjoy the video along with the song☆

And and
I have another announcement!

In this month’s issue of SPA!
I am featured in the “Edgy” People page~

And (my) photo can also be seen
On adverts for the magazine in trains!

I’m so surprised!

And thankful(´υ`)

It’s an article about the ‘person’ I am

So do please check this out too~☆

Tonight’s dinner is vegetable curry~

It’s been simmering gently since last nite so
I think it’ll be pretty ‘ripe’ by now…

Gufufu~looking forward to devouring it(`ω´)

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